Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Series: Poetry in Motion Installment One - E-Sassin vs. My Chakras

Why We DnB*

This is why I do it;
Drum and bass grounds me.
Picks me up and throws me down.
It slams a hand up through
the center of my ivory tower,
grabs me by the ischium and pulls me down
Not just onto the ground but into it
so I can feel all my chakras turn brown.
Like dirt,
like being

*This was written during the set by E-Sassin featured in the video at Wreckignition and Lux Aeterna's event on 12/27/14 called "Emergence."  It was held at Terrell Moore Gallery, and the first image below is an art piece from the space. Wreckginition's next event will be on 1/10/15, featuring Direct Feed.

Photo copywright LKL Studios

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