Friday, April 26, 2013

Evol Intent! 5/4 Drumz & Elev8 Presents I Like it Dirty

The dirty double-play continues on Saturday May 4 as Drumz and Elev8 bring you Evol Intent at Spin Nightclub in San Diego.  Those of you who can hang will have been to Dirty Birdy electro edition at Taste & Thirst on Friday 5/3, but this is the main event as far as I'm concerned.  Spin is one of the few clubs in San Diego that's grandfathered in to a clause that allows it to stay open until 4am, and Drumz has thus packed the lineup full of massive talent!
Evol Intent's set will undoubtedly be awesomely nasty, but also playing will be 6BLOCC (RAW, BBOY3000), Havok Mega, The Beatkillerz, Dysphemic & Miss Eliza, Mr. Vandal, Peacemaker, Uncut, MK Ulltra, and Gum-B just to name a few.  For the full line-up, visit the I Like it Dirty event page, and you can get pre-sale tickets directly from the Elev8 Fan Page.  I believe there will be 2 rooms of griminess, so wherever you go, you shall be bombarded by bass!  There will also be the best art in the biz by Spectr, way more coolness than most of you even deserve!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Subtext Presents Cognitive Dissonance: The Works of Kelly McKernan 5/3/13

You've got one more Saturday to get to Subtext to check out Chopsticks, the Neko and Persue show (open viewing hours are Saturdays between 12 and 3pm), because the next show featuring Kelly McKernan will be opening on Friday, May 3.  There will be the usual great opening event from 6-10pm.  There will also be a special online preview to be announced on the Cognitive Dissonance Event Page.
Kelly McKernan's bio says "Her ethereal women often battle opposing forces of natural inclination and cognitive reasoning – or they may be seen in their moment of resolution, finally understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and desires."  The pic below is a great example of that, and it promises to be a beautiful and emotional show.  Thanks as always to Subtext for bringing top-notch talent to San Diego!


Dirty Birdy is Free this Month! 5/3 at Taste & Thirst - What Else Do You Need?

If you read my review of Dirty Birdy last month and weren't there yourself, you are already sorely regretful if you missed it.  Luckily, there's another chance to redeem yourself on 5/3, and this time it will only cost your bar tab. 
This will be a special electro version of Dirty Birdy, featuring Computer Club (Gigantor of Evol Intent, who will also be playing a DnB set at Drumz's other affair, I Like it Dirty on 5/4), NeatFreq, Roane, Scott Saunders, Raji Rabbit, Beet Box, and Taylor Michael.  As I've said, Taste & Thirst is a surprisingly great venue in the Gaslamp with cheap drinks, plenty of room for dancing, and street tacos out on the patio.  Though it's in the Gaslamp, it's relatively sheltered from street traffic and the sound is brought to you by Megatron Audio.
Mix it up a bit and see a major DnB talent blow your mind with electro, preparing for the griminess ahead the next night.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DJ Shadow at The Observatory this Friday 4/26!

Not sure how I missed this, I have nothing but time on my hands lately, but here it is: brought to you by SMOG!  Sorry for the short notice, but if you can make it and if there are still tickets, this is guaranteed to be an amazing show at the Observatory.  I'm not sure what's happening in Santa Ana lately, but between this and White Rabbit's Rusko show, OC will be having a pretty exciting couple of weeks!
Dj Shadow is one of my favourite experimental/triphop DJs, and has been integral in shaping the landscape of most electronic music today.  Per the previous paragraph as well as common sense, this is not a show to be missed! 
After looking at the link on the SMOG Event Page, it looks like tickets are still available at this url:, and are shockingly very cheap.  Cancel your plans and GO!  Also performing will be Noah D and Pawn.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thursday 5/2 at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana: RUSKO! Presented by The White Rabbit Group

Quirky, floppy sock-footed dubstepper Rusko will be touching down at Havoc in the mega venue the Yost Theater in Santa Ana in about 8 days.  Worried about ticket costs and entry?  Worry not, bass friends!  White Rabbit has teamed up with Upgrade, Blang, and Werd to offer $25 pre-sale tickets.  You can click on the links for Blang and Werd in this post and message them to get this deal, or there may still be some available on  They're predicting that this event will sell out, so you better do something quick! 
Rusko is in high demand because his dubstep beats are generally a little faster and marry well with drum and bass, and tend to vary from the usual heavy drop bass in today's dubs, making them a little more interesting in my opinion.  Either way, it's a show not to be missed and also performing will be Upgrade, Blang and Werd with some realskillz drum and bass.  Who needs to be productive on Fridays, anyway.  I can't think of a better reason to start the weekend early!


New Review: Major Lazer, "Free the Universe"

On the heels of Diplo's management's follower-buying scandal and having split from beloved-but-clearly-nuts hype man Skerritt Bwoy is how Major Lazer released their newest studio album, "Free the Universe" on April 16.  Fortunately, this newest full-length effort from Diplo and Switch is good enough to wipe all of that from the minds of the fans, and force the focus back onto the really stellar track-making of the team.
I have to admit, I was pretty upset when Skerritt Bwoy announced that his daggering days were over, and that he was leaving the group and dirty dancehall as a whole for Jesus and to get married, I thought there was no way Major Lazer would bounce back.  I know that Diplo and Switch are the core members, but Major Lazer without Skerritt Bwoy was, to me, like Public Enemy without Flava Flav.  There's some odd gap of weirdness and charisma there that can be hard to fill.  After the split, reports abounded that the group's live shows and the few EP releases after "Guns Don't Kill People, Lazers Do" seemed a little lackluster, but I don't read that on "Free the Universe" at all.  The clean, diverse beats and introduction of new talent like Bassnectar (not a dubstep track!), Buno Mars, and Ms. Dynamite makes for an interesting yet highly danceable album.
It was a little disappointing to my tiny junglist heart that Andy C's version of "Live Free," released last year, didn't make it onto the iTunes version of the album, but to wit, it was more than made up for with many of the other tracks such as "Sweat" (feat. Laidback Luke & Ms. Dynamite), "Keep Cool" (feat. Shaggy and Wynter Gordon), and my personal favourite, "Scare Me" (feat. Peaches and Timberlee).  The album art is also much more refined as hopefully will be the continuation of the Adult Swim tv show and the Major Lazer toy line. 
Say what you want about Diplo, he and Switch have put together a pretty great package in Major Lazer, and the new album and its 10-page art spread do not disappoint.  I'll be jamming to this for most of the summer, I'm sure.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Indiedub Art Show at The Tiki Bar in OC 4/25 - Dub + Indie + Art = Great!

Most of my readers will know the Tiki Bar in OC as the spot where Upgrade holds its legendary nights of debauched dnb and dubstep, but this week Upgrade is collaborating with Ghost & Bones to bring you something a little different but just as awesome - Indiedub.  A celebration of all the cool underground music and art we're lucky enough to have in Socal, there will be 4 cool bands including Rebel Revive to get the evening going, then some massive dubstep to top off, including The Sequel feat Werd, and Holic & R3act.
There's a HUGE list of vendors and artists at this thing, and all of them look really cool so check the event page to see who will be blowing your mind with their visual stylez.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Organized Grime This Week 4/22!

Ahh, the luscious week-destroying properties of the Monday night weekly.  It hurts so good.  This week is Huricane's bday bash, and joining us from The Dragon Lounge as well will be Goldenchild.  Tuesdays are for suckers!  Come join at the AC Lounge in North Park & grime out with Organized Grime.  Remember it's FREE!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Record Store Day 2013 Releases - Crazy Stuff for Sale One Day Only!

Record Store Day 2013 is upon us - only a few hours left here on the west coast, and people on the east coast are already camping outside the doors of their favourite record shops.  The list of releases is extensive, varied, and rad.
Just skimming the list I only really got to 'F'), some highlights I can see are classics like Austra and Gina X - Mayan DrumsGina X - Mayan Drums, TR-909 - Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession v.2, the Beat Junkies - Picture Disc Collection, Big Mama Thornton - Jail, and Brian Eno - Brian Eno X Nicolas Jaar X Grizzly Bear.
New releases include tracks by the Black Lips, the Black Keys (with a Stooges B-side), and Fauns.
To see the whole release list as well as which of your local record stores are participating, go to
The closest place in Southern California is the legendary Dr. Freecloud's in Fountain Valley, who are also having a BBQ/DJ Party to celebrate.  Ron D. Core is already posting teasers on the Facebook Event page and Twitter (@drfreeclouds).  There will also be many parties in other major cities, including Sweatstock in Miami.   
Along with all this great swag and partying, we also get to support and pay homage to vinyl so make sure you stop by your favourite wax store and join the celebration!

Sweatstock 2013 - Miami Does 4/20 Right Day to Night!

I know I have a few Miami followers, for my SEO tells me so, and even if I didn't I would post this event out of sheer jealousy.  You really had me at Otto Von Schirach and sweat, but there's so much more!
This is a free event block party-style (oh just try to find that in LA on 4/20), sponsored by Sweat Records and Sweatshop Miami.  Partially to celebrate National Record Store Day (fuck yeah that's a thing!), partially because it's Miami and they rock weekend block parties the hardest of any city I've been to, and partially, I can only assume, for 4/20, this thing looks major.
The party starts at 9am on 4/20 and goes until 2am on 4/21 - that would roughly be 17 ours of partying, sweating, and just craziness.  Located in and around Churchill's, Otto von Shriach will open up the Sweat Street Stage, which will also have Juan Basshead, Beatmachines, and Sun of Soul.  There are two other stages both inside and on the patio of Chucrhill's and those stages will be rocked by the likes of Tuurd, Whitey Alabastard, Reapermanser, and international mustn't miss Popol Gluant.
Sweat Records' website is reminding Sweaters to check out Uncle Sam's, Radio-Active Records (one of my favourites), and Record Rack for more record shop madness and deals.  The first 200 customers to Churchill's will receive all kinds of free goodies, so get there early.  Absolutely nothing wrong with rum for breakfast. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sunday 4/21: LA's Premier 4/20 Bass Music Celebration 6th Annual I Love LA

Brought to you by CRS? and APX-1, I Love LA is super-phat.  All deep bass all day baby!  The event is a pseudo-day party, starting at 4pm (around the time all these stoners will be waking up from 4/20) going until 2am.  Big boys for this year include Rawtee, Freaky Flow, and Chris Bad Habit, but check the lineup below.  It's nuts!  Three rooms of syncopated base for your 4/20 face!  Party will be held at The Airliner downtown, looks like a kickass venue with Jungle Juice (of course) specials all night!  Foof, does anyone else remember the big tubs of Jungle Juice at the old N20 parties?  Promises to be a Monday-melting evening.

New York Peeps Don't Sleep! Friday 4/19 PHOTEK, Luminox, Empress and Alex English

Ohhhh, there just aren't parties like this in Cali, unless you want to brave the raves (and I do not).  Photek and Alvin Risk just dropping by Webster Hall like it ain't no thing, Alex English and Empress killing it for fun, Luminox playing a part, rounding out the Layla jealousy crew.  If you're in NYC and you're not there, I don't really know what your problem is.  Someone send me pics!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Solid DnB Thurdsays - When Did We Get Another Weekly! Apparently Brought to You By Bassdrive? 4/18

I must investigate this more, as I was unaware that the Red C Lounge was hosting a DnB weekly on Thursdays.  Holy heck!  This week Indentation, Kellen Holt, and Frizz will be on the decks, hosted by the benevolent MCs Ridda and Subliminal.  Someone go there this Thurs and tell me what's up!  I miss the Red C!

Respect this Week! Dj Marky 4/18

I don't know how Machete keeps pulling them (other than the fact that Respect is legendary), but this week Respect presents 2012 RMC award-winning Dj Marky.  There's more than most realize coming out of Brazil, and Marky is definitely at the top of that list.  If you're in LA, make sure you don't miss thiss!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dara at SD Union 4/20 Bash! You'd Better be Missing a Tosro to Miss this One.

Most heads in San Diego already know about this - how can you not?  When a name like Dara comes to town, really word of mouth is all you need.
Dara is one of what I call the 2nd tier of DnB OGs that came right after Hype and Goldie out of the DnB/Jungle primordial soup in the early 90s - stateside I'd say he's technically 1st tier.  He's been around so long, played so many shows, it's but diety status at this point.  I have a mixtape of his set with DB at Bassrush DC in 1993(!) that I really should hang on my wall as an altar.  That's the kind of talent we're dealing with here.  He'd been a legend in the scene for 20 years before some of you had even heard of Drum and Bass.
What does this mean for this installment of SD Union and 4/20?  Basically this IS the coolest and most OG 4/20 party you can possibly go to from Mexico on up to about Santa Cruz - maybe farther north.  Even better?  Our much missed local wacko, Havok Mega will be playing that night too. 
Ticket prices are shockingly reasonable as usual, and you can find details on SD Union's Event Page.  I believe they're also doing raffles for tickets.  This event will be at the Ruby Room, one of my favourite venues in SD - safe, legit, established, and cheap drinks!  Really, what else can we say.  Thank you Ridda, Eric Yo and Technical Support for bringing this banger to SD on 4/20.   

Thursday, April 11, 2013

SD Bass Sessions Presents We Bang Tomorrow, Friday 4/12 at the Ruby Room. SICK Talent!

SD Bass Sessions has a nice spread of local talent for you tomorrow night at the Ruby Room.  Kick the weekend off bangin!
We Bang (Play Me, Audio Porn, Heavy Artilery) is a super fun Bass artist (I can't pin down a genre because he does it all) from LBC coming down to make your teeth chatterand prove his name: if it's bass, he bangs it!
Also featured will be one of my new faves, Austin Speed, Subtle Mind, Roane, Lazerwolf and Proof.  The event will be hosted by your boys Oozi and Ridda, and it's a wallet-stoked $5 before 10pm.  Ruby Room, as always, has the coolest bar in town with cheap drinks and heavy-handed bartenders.  make sure you can't hear the rest of your weekend and check it out!

We Bang Event Page:!/events/140056626172158/

We Bang Soundcloud:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review: Dirty Birdy's Maiden Voyage on April 6

Well, it was quite a harrowing experience to get to Taste & Thirst last Saturday - I think it was mostly the fact that my hangover from the previous night was still kickin (my parents were in town, do the math), but I had a stinky attitude.  About 100 times I thought of not going, and we didn't get there until well after 11.  However, as soon as I walked into the bar and saw the Spectr art on the wall, it was all ok.  I haven't seen those tagged-out blacklight paintings in years, and it was so nice to see them again.  I didn't think that a venue in the Gaslamp could possibly work with this crew, but it actually did: relatively cheap drinks, chill staff, plenty of dancing space, and street tacos on the patio outside.  I dare you to try to argue with any of that - you can't.
Now with my shock in not hating the venue faded and I had my first (strong!) T&Diet T in me, I managed to catch the end of The Beatkillerz set, and was promptly bummed when they were done.  Heretofore, I hadn't really heard too much of their stuff, but I had high hopes that the griminess in Havok's beats would translate to hiphop.  It did, and more than I ever could have hoped.  I was shocked (no offense to parties in the group reading this) at how good it was and pretty damn grumpy that I only got to hear two tracks.  Live, they're amazing and have a funky energy you can't find anymore outside of the most underground of the undergound clubs. 
2nd T&T gone, and Gum-B got up.  Now this will show what a dick I am, but I've known about Gum-B for years, seen him on flyers, known he was working with Organized Grime, and probably whized by him snarling at clubs a dozen times, but I'd never actually met the kid or seen him perform.  I know!  I said I was a dick.  I'm also not always the biggest fan of full dubstep sets (understatement) and prefer to listen to one dubstep song at a time while rolling my eyes and cursing hipsters.  However, in this case I sat through the entire set not because I was drunk but because it was actually really good and I liked (possibly loved) almost every track that Gum-B, wearing the best kitten t-shirt I've ever seen, dropped.  Who knew!  Surprise #2 of the evening and definitely my favorite dubstep set.
Now that I've said Gum-B was my favorite set, let me tell you that headliner Cyber Optics was still great.  There were a few times he got a little techy for me, and I love techy so that's a lot of techy.  But his set fused well, the crowd loved it, and his puzzling Abercrombie & Fitch Model appearance made my friend very happy.  He definitely had the crowd going and I was once again bummed when it was over.
All around, this was a great opening night to this new monthly put on by Drumz/SpectruMega Media and I'm excited for the next one, "I Like it Dirty" partenered with Elev8, which will feature Evol Intent.  Link to the teaser video below along with my not-as-bad-as-I-thought pics.  Thanks guys for putting on one hell of an event and bringing it back to San Diego!

I Like it Dirty Teaser

Havok Mega doing something interesting with the mixer in his set with The Beatkillerz.

Havok Mega saying something I couldn't hear in his set with The Beatkillerz.

Gum-B dubsteppin with amazing kitten tshirt!

Cyber Optics looking like a dude from Abercrombie & Fitch (I stole this from Havok's Timeline).

This Sunday! Do Your Part to Help Save Vinyl! 4/14

Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe, at this point, is a legend of mythic poportions.  One of the last true vinyl emporiums, it stands as a towering beacon to all that was good and can still be good in music.  Hardcore DJ and consummate madman Ron D Core has been owner and Chief Badass Officer since 1994, supplying all of us true OGs with a great vinyl selection and endless good times at his wacky BBQ events.  Now, almost 20 years later in the age of Serato, auto-tune and illegal downloads, Dr. Feeecloud's needs our help.  It's not surprising, but that doesn't mean it's right and we can make sure Dr. Freecloud's stays alive and thriving for another 20 years.  Vinyl is still the best, dammit!
Off my soapbox now, Bell Ringer Records in Fullerton is celebrating its 3-year anniversary at Dr. Freecloud's this Sunday, 4/14/13 and making it a tandem celebration/charity event to raise money for the shop.  This is a free event, but the suggested donation is $5 - I would suggest at least $13, the cost of most records today.  This will be a day event/BBQ with food and a live Audio/Video stream of all the sets via 
There will also be a gear raffle with great prizes, and tickest start at only $5.  Bell Ringer will be showcasing a lot of their DnB talent at the event, and dedicating every record to the store.  What a cool event and a great way for local artists to show mutual support to other members of the community.  I'm really grateful they're doing this. 
If you can't make it to the BBQ but would still like to donate to SAVE VINYL, there's a fund set up on Indiegogo.  Click the link here to donate online  completely tax deductible.  If you do come to the show, it think it's going to be a great time, as something wacky, something awesome, and something BASS always happens at every party.  VIVA LA VINYL!!

Event Page:


(Knowledge Magazine/ Primordial- LA)
*Classic Selections - All Vinyl Set*

(HumDruma Recordingz/ Soljah Apparel- LA/OC)
*Jungle/ Ragga - All Vinyl Set*

(Upgrade/ Church- OC)
*Drum n Bass - Special BDAY All Vinyl Set*


(Bell Ringer Records/ Rough n Strong-LA)
*Double Duo-Slam Session-All Vinyl*

(Bell Ringer Records/ Refuge- LA)
*Spinning on 3 Decks-All Vinyl*

(Bell Ringer Records/ Tonz of Drumz- LA)
*Special jungle and Hiphop Set- All Vinyl*

(Bell Ringer Records/ Upgrade- OC)
*Back2Back Session-Drum n Bass/ Jungle- All Vinyl Set*

(Bell Ringer Records/ Organized Grime/ Smashed Beatz- LA/OC/SD)
*Special meet n greet with the artists and custom gear giveaway*

HOSTS for the event:
(Bell Ringer Records/ Urban Chemistry/ Anarchy Audio- LA/OC)

(Bell Ringer Records/ Upgrade/ Church- OC)

ENVY from Brothers Grim
(Bell Ringer Records/ Organized Grime- LA/OC/SD)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Timeless DNB Presents E-Sassin and Heretic 4/13/13 - Where Have these Guys Been?

Seriously.  Back in the late 90s and early 00s, you couldn't look sideways at a green and black flyer on the ground after a party and not see E-Sassin and/or Heretic on the bill.  Maybe this speaks to my lack of presence in LA lately, but I haven't seen either of these guys on the bill in a while, and they're both phenomenal.  I applaud Timeless for unearthing these classic DJs, and I'm stoked for everyone in LA who gets to go see them.  It should be a great night at Rain Nightclub this Saturday, 4/13.  Also playing that night will be Neuropunk (nothing to sneeze at, either) and The Villians, breaking off a birthday boy set, and Lightsout.  Go!

Thumbprint Gallery Presents 7 Stencil Samurai at Quality Social 4/10/13

The Seven Samurai is (literally) an epic Japanese movie from 1954 about 7 Samurai being done in in various ways.  If you can sit through the whole thing (it's almost 4 hours), it's really a great movie and it's become a cult classic in the US, inspiring such directors as Quentin Tarantino and Judd Apatow.  Thumbprint has put together an event inspired by the classic film that will feature "stencil" art pieces and a fashion show  brought to you by Vixen with samurai - themed clothes.  The event will be held at Quality Social this Wednesday, April 10.  Drink some wine and have some of their amazing fries as you check out scenes from the flim come to live in art and fashion. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Review: Ponyboy - Greatest Unknown. The Prettiest Song I've Heard This Year

"Junkyard Country" is how Ponyboy describes her breathy, haunting sound.  I think it's a good monicre, except I usually have a physical aversion to all things country.  The junkyard part makes it better?  Not really.  I reviewed this song for one of my other gigs, EllenwoodEP, and fell in love with it. 
So haunting, desolate, and lonely, you'd swear you could hear the desert sand blowing past on the track, "Greatest Unknown" harkens back to the time of tolerable country singers like Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash, but pulls from many other influences around the same era.  60s Do-wop, Soul, and even a little Blues can be heard, and they marry well with Ponyboy's throaty voice.  Even with all this, Ponyboy and her Pony Boy band manage to pull off an incredibly modern, almost indie track, though I can't put my finger on the element that makes it such.  If you put Mazzy Star in a phonebooth with Pasty Cline, Martha and the Vandrells, and Smokey Robinson, you might be close to describing it.  Either way it's beautiful, the production is clean, and no auto-tune on the vox! 
I can't wait until Ponyboy is more popular so I can hipster it up once again and say I told you so to all my friends.  In the meantime, "Greatest Unkown" is on Ponyboy's Soundcloud page, and it's free to download.  Take a listen to support this great new talent and so I can say I told you so, because I did.

Ninja Turtles Art? Yep! Thumbprint Gallery Presents Heroes in a Half Shell 4/30/13

This is going to be epic!  Of course the opening reception will be at a pizza joint - Bar BasicThumbprint has really pulled out all the stops for this event - there will be almost 50 artists, both local and otherwise, offering their own interpreations of the classic TMNT.  Cowabunga (I had to say it)!
P.S. - if you can sing the entire theme song in the comments, I will buy you a beer at the opening.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review: Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation 30th Anniversary

When we first arrived at MCA La Jolla, it was unsettling to see so many kids around.  Expecting the Sick & Twisted version of Spike and Mike's iconic festival, we were unprepared for so many rugrats outside the venue.  In fact, I was sure they were all just walking back to their cars from the church across the street.  Alas, when we actually looked at our programs to realise that the event was advertised as being for ages 10+, we knew the festival would not be nearly sick & twisted enough.  That being said, however, if you consider violent cartoons and the entire audience being stoned off their faces to be too sick and twisted for your kids, I would recommend leaving them at home.     What was expected was that the festival countained animated shorts which spanned Spike & Mike's 30-year history as well as some new gems.  Spike came onstage before the first segment and gave a touching speech, thanking San Diego specifically for the support throughout the years.
Most of the first segment were new pieces, some highlights being a visually amazing award-winning animation called Loom (I literally had a hard time remembering that this wasn't animation), an interesting and artistic hommage to old video games called Pixels and another fun hipsterish series called Animator vs. Animation (anyone who's used SuperPaint before will love this). 
The second segment was mostly older works that had previously appeared at the festival, most of which I wasn't a huge fan.  The festival ended with an award-winning Pixard short that I dare not mention because it's too commercial and cutsie for this blog.  Google it if you want to see it.
Overall, this event was a bit underwhelming for me and my friends, but that may just be because we were expecting the Sick & Twisted festival.  The show has been held over until 4/13, so if you'd like to check it out, click on the "Spkie & Mike's" link above.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Art in Oakland: Rats Anyone? "Rat 136" Opens 4/6 in Oakland at Zerofriends

Well, there aren't many times I wish I lived in the Bay Area - to be honest I have a weird unreasonable aversion to it.  However, there is great art and some great music that comes out of this scene, and despite making my skin crawl, I wish I was in Oakland this weekend to see "Rat 136" a solo show by Matt Richie at Zerofriends Gallery, where Alex Pardee normally displays his work.  This show will feature a gallery (ha) of hand-painted rats, each framed in a  hand-made rat-shaped picturebox.  Via the preview, my favorites are the Gangstarat, the Toast Rats, and the Rat wit a Cat jumping through its word bubble.  Pics below if you can't go, but if you're in the bay area, I suggest you check it out.  Apparently the first 100 people there get a free cat print?  Sounds adorable!

Aphrodite is Making the Rounds! Don't Sleep if You're in LA 4/4! Start Your Weekend Early at Respect

Really if you have like $120 and love Aphrodite, you can just fly around Cali right now and see him everywhere.  This Thursday Respect brings another crusher with Aphrodite.  Fridays are for lagging anyway.  Love this flyer!

San Francisco! Aphrodite will Be in Your Hood this Weekend, Friday April 5 with Your Hometown (and global, come on let's be honest) Heroes, Bachelors of Science, Persented by Opel Productions

I really think the flyer speaks for itself.  I'm jealous that SF has Bachelors of Science full time, and say what you want about Aphrodite, you jaded fucks, but he still puts down a hell of a set with dubplates you'll never have access too and the classics that you can't help but still dance to.  If you're in SF, GO!

Event Page

Venue Page - the Public Works, SF

New Contest Pics! Who the Heck Keeps Putting this Sloth All Over Town??

I've been dying to know!  Sorry I only have the one pic, but it's so cute and I must find this artist!  If you can tell me who, you'll be the first person who enter this damn contest and I'm not revealing the prize for April yet but it's pretty rad.  Come on people!

The Ruby Room Presents Elektrofied! 4/6/13 Benefit Event for the Arts in San Diego

As if there wasn't enough going on this weekend, I jsut got wind of this great charity event at the Ruby Room yesteday.  If you're not already aware, the Ruby Room in San Diego is a great bar and venue that does really well in showcasing off-the-beaten-path talent of all kinds, and it also showcases visual art pieces on the walls, and almost every even has some other type of medium represented as well (jewelry, live charciture artists, etc.). 
This Saturday the Ruby Room will be hosting Elektrofied, a "Variety Showcase and Dance Party featuring Live Art and Entertainment for a Cause!!"  There will be live belly dancing, fire dancing and visual art displays as well as tarot readings and a host of featured artists.  "This month, a portion of the proceeds will be given to ARTS, which is a local non-profit aimed at enriching the lives of challenged youth through the love of art," says the Facebook Event page.  I know we're all busy this weekend, but before you go to your main party on Saturday, please consider stopping by the Ruby Room to check out some local artists and help an important cause (and maybe get a tarot reading, you probably need it you lush). 

Monday, April 1, 2013

OC Don't Sleep! Upgrade 6 Year Anniversary 4/6/13

If you're in OC and too broke to come to San Diego for Dirty Birdy, fear not!  Upgrade is throwing down with its 6-year anniversary shindig.  This will be heavy on the Drum and Bass and dubby dubstep with Lank, CRS? and APX-1, MKUltra and Rebellion repping Special Technique, SD.  Check the event page for a special deal on tickets and check the Upgrade Facebook Page

2Much Good Stuff! Surreal Happeface Presents Superclean! 4/5/13

They just keep coming in recent months, man!  I'm trying not to do all local events on this blog, but there's been so many events lately I can't even keep up with SD lately let alone LA and the globe, et. al.  This Friday, 4/5, we have all the good local talent in one spot.  Check the zipcode, 92101 - Superclean!  Featuring Austin Speed, a dj I've known for a while but I'm just getting to learn the scope of his talent, Brandon Vasquez, Kombat, The Special Terchnique Crew feat. Peacemaker, still my favourite jump-up dj and Rebellion, MK Ulltra and Ubiquitous.  Evidently this is a fund-raising event for the venue, but the venue is noy yet listed on the event page so check back for more details.