Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Peacemaker, Gum-B at Organized Grime 3/18/13

Ok this is a quick one: we don't have much in the way of DnB weeklies in San Diego anymore, but one spot that's still going strong is Organized Grime.  Determined to make sure we all completely destroy our work week whenever there's a good dj, OG is on Mondays at the AC Lounge.  Next week my old buddy Peacemaker, also of Chronic Tattoo fame, will be pulling out a rare appearance for Gum-B's Blockhead Bash.  Worth a Tuesday of sheer pain?  You decide.

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CSD MC said...

OG doin it BIG every week!

Adam Trahma said...

absolutely worth it. Peacemaker is a G in his crafts. Large up guys! Happy birthday gumbo!

CSD MC said...

Happy 1Up Gum-b!!

Tim Moriarty said...

super stoked for this one, its gunna be a rager! Thanks for the shoutout. Much <3 for you all and the scene

Charles Rebellion said...

OG is most definitely the hotspot in SD giving you a weekly dose of what's going on in the underground. Happy birthday, Gum-B! And gotta love seeing my boy Peacemaker reppin' Special Technique. He's coming with the bangers, trust!

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