Friday, May 2, 2014

I Just Can't Get You out of My Head: Otto Von Schirach's Tipo Tropical

I've been meaning to do a big feature on this guy for a while, and I still will and you will be astounded.  In the meantime, however, magnificent weirdo Otto von Schirach has just dropped a sick new release, and I can't stop singing the first single, the title track "Tipo Tropical."

Otto has been warning us since about 2010 that one day he would just go full-on Miami Bass on our asses, but previous ventures such as the epic Supermeng have given glimpses but not full-fire Booty Bass, save for the title track.  Supermeng did a lot of combo work: there was a subtle reggaeton beat in "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth," "Gravitron" had a sort of backwards, flipped-inside-out breaks backing track (commonly used in amen structures in Florida breaks), and the opening track, "Salpica," was exceedingly Bootytastic, exceedingly Cuban, and exceedingly loved by Chongas the world over (real and ironic).  Take a look here:

Weird enough for you?  That's nothing.  Supermeng also reintroduced Otto as a downloaded being from the Bermuda Triangle, here to teach us about "Mind Power," show us the gifts and dangers of "Quasar," and knock us over with the Triangle Forcefield of his own "Portal Prayer" for humanity.  All these tracks are nowhere near Booty Bass, but are weird, experimental, and, without being to blatantly breakcore about it, gave his old fans what they wanted.

Speaking of old fans, critics of Supermeng may also be critical of Tipo Tropical as it's an even farther cry thematically from the first 10+ years of his work.  Otto is credited with bringing the most evil and gross breakcore and dubstep (before it was dubstep) to those communities, and this is coming from GERMANS.  I would say to those naysayers, however, that it seems like a natural progression.  As a young, weird, intense producer, Otto explored his angrier namesake and German roots through creepy shit like "The End of the World" and "Teabagging the Dead" (one of my favourites).

Supermeng and the accompanying singles he collaborated with Pepe Billette were transtional, bridging the gap between the hardcore corpse-fucking and meat-fisting breakcore and his Miami Cuban side, and giving way for the full-on colourful flourish that is Tipo Tropical.  It seems counterintuitive that maturation would be defined as going from one's German side to one's Cuban Miami party side, but in this case, it kind of is.

Whether you agree with themes, triangles, or vampires, one thing is for sure.  Otto von Schirach still has pretty much the cleanest production values and most on-point style in the underground world.  I really can't even come up with another artist whose levels and the tightness of transitions are as accurate and well-planned in any genre or scene.  Whether you're listening to a track like "Mind Power," which is perceived experimental noise, or something more structured like "Salpica" ("structured" is a relative term in Otto's world), it's always clean, lean, and absolutely no beat or crazy sample out of place, yet it's all thoroughly emotive and fun.  With Otto it's not just the cache of weird, but truly some of the best-written, best-produced, and most interesting music you'll ever hear, and the videos get crazier and crazier.  So, for all these reasons, I'll be singing, quoting, and posting Tipo Tropical ad nauseum all summer.

You've got a streaming clip of the title track above, but if you're ready for purchase (I know I am), the whole album is available for download on his label page, MonkeyTown records.  Also be sure to check the tour dates and pick up a kickass Triangle Forcefield Necklace on

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