Sunday, August 18, 2013

Please Check Out My New Photography Page

One of the more positive contributors to my not posting for so long, my new page features my real photos, not these wacky slapped-together pics I post on the site.  Check out the page, LKL Studio Art Photography.  Please also "like" the fb page and follow me on Twitter at @studioLKL  I hope they're a little more artistic in your minds, and no I don't do weddings.

Pics from the Unadvertised Fixdie Race and Art Show Last Night at Us vs. Them

This is a little informal, especially considering the bafflingly long hiatus I've taken from posting, and I also apologize for the article-jumping I'm doing here.  I'm still recovering, and I consider this a baby step.  Self-deprication notwithstanding, I wanted to at least post these pictures from the cool show last night, featuring art painted directly onto fixed-gear bike frames at Us vs. Them last night in their show, "Aerosol & Aluminum".  The likes of  Exist 1981, Insa, and Honkey Kong created pieces for the show, and  here was also a race, which meant the place was rife with hipsters, both art and bike.  There were also some great flat toonish pieces in the tattoo shop.  Enjoy the album, and I promise that some real reviews and articles will be coming soon.