Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pics from the Unadvertised Fixdie Race and Art Show Last Night at Us vs. Them

This is a little informal, especially considering the bafflingly long hiatus I've taken from posting, and I also apologize for the article-jumping I'm doing here.  I'm still recovering, and I consider this a baby step.  Self-deprication notwithstanding, I wanted to at least post these pictures from the cool show last night, featuring art painted directly onto fixed-gear bike frames at Us vs. Them last night in their show, "Aerosol & Aluminum".  The likes of  Exist 1981, Insa, and Honkey Kong created pieces for the show, and  here was also a race, which meant the place was rife with hipsters, both art and bike.  There were also some great flat toonish pieces in the tattoo shop.  Enjoy the album, and I promise that some real reviews and articles will be coming soon.

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