Wednesday, April 23, 2014

4/15 Reveal: Whose Art is it Anyway? Meet Matt Forderer!

Photo by LKL Studios

Ok so I'm late, so sue me, but none of you bothered to guess and get points toward hipsterprize 2014, so whatevs @ you too.  Either way, aren't you glad you tuned in?  Matt Forderer showed his amazing zooscapes (my own words) at a group show back in February, and this piece is now my desktop background.  It's that great.

Matt's ability to great mythical, spliced together, science project-like creatures which are photorealistic but then live in a surrealist backdrop is just such a great nose-thumbing to adherence to genres is just brilliant (and has caused this run-on sentence because now I'm gushing).

He's also got wacky collages which you can check out on his portfolio and keep up with news on, and I've provided a slideshow below that should speak for itself.  Love him or lose cool points!

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