Thursday, August 7, 2014

Contest Reveal: Whose Art Is It Anyway?

You really are a disappointing lot, you know that?  Even if I did announce the prize for winning last week's "Whose Art" contest, you probably still would remain passive, drooling in your porridge or whatever it is my readers do all day.  This one was so easy and I gave so many hints!  Well, despite your complacency, I stick to my commitments, so the featured artist from last week is famous street artist and activist, Panmela Castro (street name Anarkia).  

All of Panmela's work is centered around bringing awareness to domestic violence in her home country of Brazil and she recently did a massive mural exhibition with 60 other artists at the World Cup 2014.  Check my article in a legit newspaper about it here.

Panmela's art is well-known in the street and contemporary art worlds, and she uses her organization, Rede Nami to spread the message of women's rights in Brazil and to empower other female artists to paint and make murals all over the favelas in Rio and other cities.  Castro's pieces are bold, bright, and feature both spray/can work and brush paint.

Lately, Castro has been focusing on the abduction of 200 girls in Nigeria by terrorist group Boko Haram, and got this piece up in just 48 hours:

Talent and a soul?  I love it.  Visit Rede Nami's facebook page and follow them to stay updated on Panmela's shows and causes, and for God's sake, pay attention on the next contest!

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