Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Review: Junglist Fridays with RAW at Kava Lounge SD

Now that we're in sight of Bulletproof and Dub Chamber's monthly collaboration event's second month, I think it only appropriate to give those of you who weren't at the first event.  Junglist Fridays was kicked off with a bang on May 17, featuring Socal's, and, let's face it, international legend, RAW (we can't keep him to ourselves forever), and our OG prodigal son did not disappoint. 

I hadn't been to the Kava Lounge in a while, but were it not for RAW (Woofer Cooker Records, Dub Chamber), I'm sure the fun, pesudo-hippie vibe I've come to know and love would have still been there.  RAW, however, is still capable of turning pretty much any room into La Casa ca. 1998 and I'm still not sure if it's the beats or the man.  Probably a combination of the two if I'm honest. 

The supporting DJs, Sixfootunda (Tonz of Drumz, Dub Chamber), Rebellion (Special Technique, Dub Chamber), NKey (, and Dregen (Dub Chamber) certainly set the mood that night, and I found myself dancing pretty much as soon as we walked in.  A great surprise also was that MC Tez is back in the mix, and helped host with Oozi and Reflex. 

Then it was time to be transported back to a magical time in DnB history, a time when beats and peeps were hard, rough, and full of soul.  RAW's set was ragga-heavy but not so much that it made me feel like I was growing dreds.  There was a very impressive selection of old hits with some modern tracks thrown in for flavor, just how I like my jungle (being the crotchety oldschooler that I am).

RAW at Kava Lounge 5/17/13 Photo by LKL Studio
The vibe was definitely sick; chill but still hard and from what I can tell everyone had a great time.  That's one thing I can say about the Kava Lounge: I've literally never seen any drama go down there.  If they just had some diet cola for my vodka, I'd never leave!

The next installment of Junglist Fridays will be this Friday, May 28 and features RAW's long-time partner-in-bass, CRS? (Tonz of Drumz, Dub Chamber).   We can also look forward to Quest with MC Reflex (Bulletproof, Dub Chamber) whom I haven't seen in a while, the always impressive Peacemaker (Special Technique, Drumz SD), and Joeyanimals (Future SD).  Hosted as always by our benevolent residents Tez and Oozi, Junglist Fridays will once aain take place at the Kava Lounge on Kettner and is 21+ with only a $5 cover.  I expect this monthly to be a great success going forward and they have even more heave hitters coming up in future.  More info can be found on the Junglist Fridays event FB page.  See you suckers there!

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