Thursday, June 27, 2013

What the Hell is Going on Here?? I Must Know Who Did these Stickers!

I'm calling these stickers the Tittongues.  I think they pretty much speak for themselves - these things have been going up all over the place lately, and I think they're hilarious!  But no signature, nothing - BUT professional-style stickers!  I keep trying to grab one for my fridge collection, but as you can imagine they come down almost quicker than they go up.  The bottom ones were actually on the electrical box outside of my building, so missing those really chapped my ass.  Who takes them?  I'm hoping it's a combination of rabid but confused fans like myself, and people who are horrified/titillated by them (also like myself).  We must find this artist!  If people respond, I'll re-implement the prize policy, so take a look.  It's not like you can un-see them now anyway.  Oof.

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