Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Review: Thumbprint Gallery Presents Anarchy in Artistry at Basic

I'm not sure how they do it, but Thumbprint Gallery manages to consistently come up with new and interesting themes for its group shows to showcase local talent at Bar Basic in the East Village.  Just this week there was another show (which I unfortunately missed) called "Lions, Tigers, and Bears oh $h!t!", and there have been a number of others in the 6 weeks or so since "Anarchy in Artistry."  In addition to
Iggy looking beautiful in a stunning photo.
Thumbprint's solo shows at its permanent location in La Jolla, these 1-off event mini-shows at Basic help keel Thumbprint present in the San Diego art scene while promoting hometown talent and interesting ideas.

Though it's been a while, I just had to review the "Anarchy in Artistry" show, because this is a subject near and dear to my heart: punks and the people who love them.  The images in this show ranged from classic anarchic symbols to photographs of my long-lost love, Iggy Pop, to more artsy interpretations of punks, such
Mr. Potatohead as angry punk.
as a "Mr. Popunkohead", as I'm calling him.  Some pieces were a bit pedestrian or, in my grumpy punker's mind, sort of missed the mark, but overall a good collection, and you can't argue with the theme.  My only real disappointment was in not seeing any sculptures of creepy dolls dressed in trash bags with safety pins holding them together, but you can't have everything.  Maybe I'll make one of those myself for the next show!

Thummprint Gallery's next show at Basic will be a group show held from September 14-October 6 called "Deconstruction of Art" and will be guest curated by Suicidal Octopuss, another heavy hitter on the SD Pop Art Scene.  The show will feature snak3oil, Lord of Stink, Grumpus, We Are Zombies, Bobbydrawsskullz, and quite a few more insanely talented artists.  There will be an opening reception on 9/14 at Thumbprint's La Jolla location.  Go to  for more info and all upcoming shows, or check out the Deconstruction of Art facebook event page.  Should be a good one!
Sid Vicious looking a little more like Gary Oldman than he probably should.

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