Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: New Label Shoot Recordings to Release first Tracks on Limited Edition Transparent Vinyl September 16

If you've been following the trajectory of Calculon n' friends via Rubik Records and their other independent releases and mixes over the last year or two, you may have noticed a trend away from your standard Drum and Bass. Initially, releases and mixes from Calculon, Sinistarr, Austin Speed, and Chrissy Murderbot looked like they were moving with the trend towards Dubstep, Juke, and Trap beats, but after listening to a number of these pieces, I think that may be oversimplifying a little, and cramming these artists towards a box into which they don't quite fit. The new tracks and mixes coming from the stateside faction of Rubik seem to be more experimental than just your standard Trap or Juke, but I don't really like that term, either, as it can be even more limiting than the more specific genres I just mentioned.

 That very quandary seems to be the impetus for Calculon's creating this new label, Shoot Recordings. "The sound is way different. We released a Juke Jungle EP on Rubik recently, but it's better to do a new label," said Calculon today when I was bugging him about all things Shoot. Rubik is still alive and kicking, in case you're wondering, and I agree with Calculon's reasoning here. Rubik is already such a brand, especially in England, and while Calculon has certainly taken it in some new directions, this new indefinable format is probably suited to a separate label.

 Now on to the actual tracks. The first release from Shoot Recordings will feature two tracks on a cool transparent record, and are available today exclusively on Triple Vision Records' website, and it will be available from all other major retailers on September 30.

 The A side of this record is a tune by Chrissy Murderbot called "The Original," and it certainly is. With a pseudo-trap beat laying down the bassline, the track samples some chopped-up Old School DnB snares as well as some classic 808 tick-beats and Dancehall vocals. If that wasn't enough, there's a Darksteppish (I am spell-check's worst nightmare right now,) descending chord progression throughout the track, which, oddly enough, ties it all together.
 The B side is by Pawn, normally known for his work with Smog Recordings in LA, called "Your Words." This track also has a core beat that sounds pretty Trappy to me, but the slower tempo could push it into Dubstep territory. The opening of the track is highly syncopated, but it smooths out after about a minute, and by the middle there is literally nothing but the base beat and more 80s-inspired ticks. It ends abruptly, leaving the listener wanting something more, but the only option is to re-play the track? Did someone say rewind?

 Confused yet? You should be. These new sounds are designed to push the boundaries of all those different specific genres and pigeon-holes that have been created out of the emergence of Dubstep, Trap, etc. in the past few years. But a label for this stuff? They don't have one yet. "I don't know what to call this music," said Calculon. Good, so that makes two of us. It also makes Shoot Recordings the only label you can give these tracks, and that's exactly what this crew have done.

 For more info on this new sound, check this interview Calculon just did with Kraar UK, which includes an exclusive mix by Chrono.

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