Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Whose Art Is it Anyway? The Contest is Back!

Ok, so if you're new to DWS (which you probably are), you won't know that one of our sections is me posting random photos of even more random street art to see if you can guess who the hell the artist is.  This is part me sincerely wondering, and part me wanting to see who of you pays attention to all the awesome art we can find right on our streets.  The bonus for you is if you guess 3 in a row correctly, I will have some awesome hipster indie weirdo prize, absolutely unfathomable in its coolness.  We're rebooting this so if you guesses on any previous posts, you're back to zero.  Sowwy.

So this week, this isn't technically street art, but it's damn cool.  I found this artist at a random show in a back of a beer bar, and fell in love with the random mythical beasts and Folgers cans.  How can you not love it!

Look at the majesty!
So, if you can name this clearly insane but talented painter, you will have one point toward winning the prize.  I will reveal the real name by next week if no one guesses.  Happy Googling!

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