Thursday, May 9, 2013

3rd Annual Smog vs.Respect DJ Battle 5/11 in LA at the House of Blues on the Strip

Well, here's something I've never heard of even though it's in its 3rd year.  I'm so good at keeping current, aren't I?  This looks like the spot to be if you want to see two crews battling it out with classic tracks and, I'm assuming, a good bit of vinyl and DMC techniques.  Per the name of the event, the 2 crews will of course be the Respect crew (Machete, Scooba, Clutch, NoFace, Drone, XYZ, and Gil Konspiracy) and the Smog crew (12th Planet, Flinch, SPL, Antiserum, Pawn, DLX, Noah D, and Kelly Dean).  All have skills and all, I'm sure, will be bringing their A-games.  The event is even set up with modified DMC rules and will go round-for-round wish each dj trying to outspin whomever went before.

It's nice to see that in the current DnB climate where no one wants to step on each other's toes, there are still two crews who are willing to battle like the golden days, and present the event the way it was intended: to showcase the strengths and learn new techniques of your fellow djs.  Good job boys.

Below are a few links to past event Smog Blog, as well as an RSVP form which will get you into the event for $5.  More details also on the event page.    Also don't forget to head on over to Repsect this Thursday for Sinistarr (Metalheadz).

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