Thursday, May 16, 2013

Warehouse 1425: Group Art Show Tomorrow Night 5/17 Feat. Exist 1981, Mr. Dvice, That Kid PEEP and More!

Before you go out for your late-night drinking this Friday (I suggest Junglist Fridays), be sure to check out Warehouse 1425, a group art show which will feature tons of local favourites, doing exclusive pieces for the event.  The Warehouse 1425 website explains the point of this show, and the history of the art district in the East Village: "Once commonly called "The Warehouse District", San Diego's East Village has had a rich and varied history. From the 1970s through the 1990s, the area was the heart and home of the city's underground artists and innovative pioneers. There was an excitement alive in many of the abandoned warehouses, which artists used to create, showcase, teach, and live with their craft.
As the neighborhood evolved, it saw the decline of these live/work spaces and with it the creative spirit that so enriched the community.  TODAY WE LIFT UP THIS NEIGHBORHOOD AS PART OF A RESURGENCE OF ART IN THE EAST VILLAGE."
There is a $5 suggested donation to support this cause and the contributing artists.  The event will be held from 6-10 at 1425 E St.  Go to or the Warehouse 1425 event page for the full lineup of featured artists and entertainment.

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