Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Very First Junglist Fridays at the Kava Lounge. I am loving this DnB Resurgence!

The first installment of Junglist Fridays, brought to you by Bulletproof Sessions and Dub Chamber Records, will be a smasher!  They're featuring RAW (as himself), Tonz of Drumz's Sixfootunda, local hero Special Technique's Rebellion, Dregen from Dub Chamber, and NKey from  You can't argue with this lineup, and it's only $5!  Come to the Kava Lounge and celebrate the end of a brutal week with some brutal bass!  Hosted by Tez, Oozi, and Reflex.

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SixFootUnda :: Junglist Events said...

Big Up and thanks for the write up!!! Hope San Diego is ready for some Jungle tonight!!!

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