Friday, May 31, 2013

Review: Drumz's I Like It Dirty: It Was Dirty, and I Did Like It

Well, the highly anticipated I Like It Dirty from Drumz and Elev8 has been in the can for almost a month now, but it's still in the annals of my favourite parties in recent memory.

Spin nightclub on Hancock Street, when fully open and the security in a good mood, is a really fun venue.  There are 3 levels of party, multiple rooms and types of rooms, a rooftop deck, and really great systems in the performance rooms.  The main room has a sunken dancefloor, and best of all, the club is part of an elite few in the county which are able to stay open until 4am.  Not too shabby, and I'm glad Drumz worked with Elev8 on this one so we could dirty it up!

The lineup for this event was insane.  The main draw was of course Gigantor from Evol Intent, as well as Dysphemic and Miss Eliza, and RAW/6BLOCC in the main room.  There was also a huge gallery of local talent, including Havok Mega, Beatkillerz, MK Ultra, Peacemaker, Peligro, Gum-B, Lockjah, and Uncut.  There were even more djs smashed into that night, which is a testament to the greatness of Spin's 4am closure clause.  Spectr also contributed to the rad vibe with some classic art pieces, which always give me a little flitter of nostalgia in my heart remembering the epic Drumz parties back in my heyday.  I see a Spectr piece on the wall, and I know it's going to be a good night.

Justifiably, all of the DnB legends were slotted for the main room, and all or most of the local talent was lined up in the smaller upstairs room, to the side of one of the outdoor smoking areas.  An interesting phenomenon to this party became clear as soon as I walked in, the whole party was crammed into this smaller, local talent room.  The fact that everyone smokes was certainly a contributing factor, but really it was because this was a local crowd, here to see all their local favourites.  It was really great to watch, and a testament to Havok's ability to put together a lineup as well as how many people in San Diego county are down to support the local scene.  Pretty incredible.

These guys in the "Anti-Whack Audio Survival Room" did not disappoint, either.  Every dj who stepped up to the decks brought hard, chest-rattling sets.  It was almost like a polite, continuous 2x4, with each dj trying to bring better and harder beats.  It was great to see that spirit again at a show.  Beatkillerz was one of the highlights per usual, and the crowd was really into it even though they were on at the same time as Gigantor downstairs.  The big surprise of the night for me was DJ Kechup.  I really hadn't heard of him before and he also played dubstep, which most of my readers by now should know I will not usually stay for more than about 15 minutes to listen to, but this guy's set was really out of control.  By the end, you couldn't move in this tiny room because it was just packed with people stomping to the bass.  I literally was shocked at how much energy this dj crammed into a dubstep set, as well as speed and smooth mixes.  Just brilliant.  I will look for him again.

I'm not discounting the main room and the great performances put on by the headlining djs.  Gigantor/Evol Intent was of course mindblowing, and the crowd definitely shifted when he was on the decks.  Another surprise, just because I didn't really know them, were Dysphemic & Miss Eliza.  Really hadn't heard of them before either and didn't look them up before the show, so imagine my surprise to walk into the main room to see a dude on the decks with a girl playing an electrified violin, playing classical music!  This act somehow coordinated sick DnB beats with classical violin, and it absolutely blew me away.  I wish I hadn't been crammed into the local room for most of their set, and I will pretty much be stalking these two for the rest of my life  I love creativity like that, and it's proof positive that if there's beauty and truth in two types of music, you can marry them to make a completely unique creation that exposes its parts in a totally new way.  I'm very grateful to Havok Mega for booking these people, and exposing San Diego heads to something we never would have seen otherwise.

Clearly this was a great event, crowd-balancing awkwardness notwithstanding, and anyone who missed it should be regretful.  Drumz's next event is hot on the heels of this review, as the next installment of Dirty Birdy hits Taste & Thirst on June 7, and this time it's Hip Hop vs Glitch Hop.  I kind of don't know what that entails, but if there's one thing I've learned, it's not to miss a Drumz party.  There will always be something going on that you didn't expect.

Peligro on the decks lookin evil

MC CSD framed by a sick classic Spectr painting with extremely fast-moving left hand.

Peacemaker looking like he's listening to the actual record.
Havok Mega with the Beatkillerz about to yell some shit.

Dudes posing drunkenly including Gigantor, Eraser and RFX.

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Anonymous said...

Great night for sure. I don't get out much, but I know the caliber of events that HAVOK ONE puts on. So many OG heads showed up to this. It was great seeing everyone. The two drunks with Gigantor is RFX and I, ERASE. He's a good friend of ours and always in a positive mood. Even with all his fame and talent.

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