Monday, April 1, 2013

2Much Good Stuff! Surreal Happeface Presents Superclean! 4/5/13

They just keep coming in recent months, man!  I'm trying not to do all local events on this blog, but there's been so many events lately I can't even keep up with SD lately let alone LA and the globe, et. al.  This Friday, 4/5, we have all the good local talent in one spot.  Check the zipcode, 92101 - Superclean!  Featuring Austin Speed, a dj I've known for a while but I'm just getting to learn the scope of his talent, Brandon Vasquez, Kombat, The Special Terchnique Crew feat. Peacemaker, still my favourite jump-up dj and Rebellion, MK Ulltra and Ubiquitous.  Evidently this is a fund-raising event for the venue, but the venue is noy yet listed on the event page so check back for more details.

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