Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dirty Birdy is Free this Month! 5/3 at Taste & Thirst - What Else Do You Need?

If you read my review of Dirty Birdy last month and weren't there yourself, you are already sorely regretful if you missed it.  Luckily, there's another chance to redeem yourself on 5/3, and this time it will only cost your bar tab. 
This will be a special electro version of Dirty Birdy, featuring Computer Club (Gigantor of Evol Intent, who will also be playing a DnB set at Drumz's other affair, I Like it Dirty on 5/4), NeatFreq, Roane, Scott Saunders, Raji Rabbit, Beet Box, and Taylor Michael.  As I've said, Taste & Thirst is a surprisingly great venue in the Gaslamp with cheap drinks, plenty of room for dancing, and street tacos out on the patio.  Though it's in the Gaslamp, it's relatively sheltered from street traffic and the sound is brought to you by Megatron Audio.
Mix it up a bit and see a major DnB talent blow your mind with electro, preparing for the griminess ahead the next night.

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