Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DJ Shadow at The Observatory this Friday 4/26!

Not sure how I missed this, I have nothing but time on my hands lately, but here it is: brought to you by SMOG!  Sorry for the short notice, but if you can make it and if there are still tickets, this is guaranteed to be an amazing show at the Observatory.  I'm not sure what's happening in Santa Ana lately, but between this and White Rabbit's Rusko show, OC will be having a pretty exciting couple of weeks!
Dj Shadow is one of my favourite experimental/triphop DJs, and has been integral in shaping the landscape of most electronic music today.  Per the previous paragraph as well as common sense, this is not a show to be missed! 
After looking at the link on the SMOG Event Page, it looks like tickets are still available at this url:, and are shockingly very cheap.  Cancel your plans and GO!  Also performing will be Noah D and Pawn.

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