Monday, April 15, 2013

Dara at SD Union 4/20 Bash! You'd Better be Missing a Tosro to Miss this One.

Most heads in San Diego already know about this - how can you not?  When a name like Dara comes to town, really word of mouth is all you need.
Dara is one of what I call the 2nd tier of DnB OGs that came right after Hype and Goldie out of the DnB/Jungle primordial soup in the early 90s - stateside I'd say he's technically 1st tier.  He's been around so long, played so many shows, it's but diety status at this point.  I have a mixtape of his set with DB at Bassrush DC in 1993(!) that I really should hang on my wall as an altar.  That's the kind of talent we're dealing with here.  He'd been a legend in the scene for 20 years before some of you had even heard of Drum and Bass.
What does this mean for this installment of SD Union and 4/20?  Basically this IS the coolest and most OG 4/20 party you can possibly go to from Mexico on up to about Santa Cruz - maybe farther north.  Even better?  Our much missed local wacko, Havok Mega will be playing that night too. 
Ticket prices are shockingly reasonable as usual, and you can find details on SD Union's Event Page.  I believe they're also doing raffles for tickets.  This event will be at the Ruby Room, one of my favourite venues in SD - safe, legit, established, and cheap drinks!  Really, what else can we say.  Thank you Ridda, Eric Yo and Technical Support for bringing this banger to SD on 4/20.   

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