Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This Sunday! Do Your Part to Help Save Vinyl! 4/14

Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe, at this point, is a legend of mythic poportions.  One of the last true vinyl emporiums, it stands as a towering beacon to all that was good and can still be good in music.  Hardcore DJ and consummate madman Ron D Core has been owner and Chief Badass Officer since 1994, supplying all of us true OGs with a great vinyl selection and endless good times at his wacky BBQ events.  Now, almost 20 years later in the age of Serato, auto-tune and illegal downloads, Dr. Feeecloud's needs our help.  It's not surprising, but that doesn't mean it's right and we can make sure Dr. Freecloud's stays alive and thriving for another 20 years.  Vinyl is still the best, dammit!
Off my soapbox now, Bell Ringer Records in Fullerton is celebrating its 3-year anniversary at Dr. Freecloud's this Sunday, 4/14/13 and making it a tandem celebration/charity event to raise money for the shop.  This is a free event, but the suggested donation is $5 - I would suggest at least $13, the cost of most records today.  This will be a day event/BBQ with food and a live Audio/Video stream of all the sets via 
There will also be a gear raffle with great prizes, and tickest start at only $5.  Bell Ringer will be showcasing a lot of their DnB talent at the event, and dedicating every record to the store.  What a cool event and a great way for local artists to show mutual support to other members of the community.  I'm really grateful they're doing this. 
If you can't make it to the BBQ but would still like to donate to SAVE VINYL, there's a fund set up on Indiegogo.  Click the link here to donate online  completely tax deductible.  If you do come to the show, it think it's going to be a great time, as something wacky, something awesome, and something BASS always happens at every party.  VIVA LA VINYL!!

Event Page:


(Knowledge Magazine/ Primordial- LA)
*Classic Selections - All Vinyl Set*

(HumDruma Recordingz/ Soljah Apparel- LA/OC)
*Jungle/ Ragga - All Vinyl Set*

(Upgrade/ Church- OC)
*Drum n Bass - Special BDAY All Vinyl Set*


(Bell Ringer Records/ Rough n Strong-LA)
*Double Duo-Slam Session-All Vinyl*

(Bell Ringer Records/ Refuge- LA)
*Spinning on 3 Decks-All Vinyl*

(Bell Ringer Records/ Tonz of Drumz- LA)
*Special jungle and Hiphop Set- All Vinyl*

(Bell Ringer Records/ Upgrade- OC)
*Back2Back Session-Drum n Bass/ Jungle- All Vinyl Set*

(Bell Ringer Records/ Organized Grime/ Smashed Beatz- LA/OC/SD)
*Special meet n greet with the artists and custom gear giveaway*

HOSTS for the event:
(Bell Ringer Records/ Urban Chemistry/ Anarchy Audio- LA/OC)

(Bell Ringer Records/ Upgrade/ Church- OC)

ENVY from Brothers Grim
(Bell Ringer Records/ Organized Grime- LA/OC/SD)

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