Sunday, April 21, 2013

Indiedub Art Show at The Tiki Bar in OC 4/25 - Dub + Indie + Art = Great!

Most of my readers will know the Tiki Bar in OC as the spot where Upgrade holds its legendary nights of debauched dnb and dubstep, but this week Upgrade is collaborating with Ghost & Bones to bring you something a little different but just as awesome - Indiedub.  A celebration of all the cool underground music and art we're lucky enough to have in Socal, there will be 4 cool bands including Rebel Revive to get the evening going, then some massive dubstep to top off, including The Sequel feat Werd, and Holic & R3act.
There's a HUGE list of vendors and artists at this thing, and all of them look really cool so check the event page to see who will be blowing your mind with their visual stylez.

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