Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Review: Subtext Gallery Presents Chopsticks: New Works by Neko and Persue

I was unbelievably jetlagged when I wandered into Subtext on Friday night just before the opening night event for Chopsticks was winding down,  but I was determined to see the pieces I'd been seeing previews for all month.  I made it all but 12 minutes (literally - I got there at 9:14 and was back in the car at 9:26), but the show was no less amazing.  Almost every piece was interesting and/or fun, and mixed media really abounded. 
There were a few pieces by Neko which actually contained speakers and were playing music; "Bass (Inspired by Swishahouse Records)", "Butthurt (Inspired by Moodswings)" - a collaboration with Joey Vaiasuso, and "Choke (Inspired by Berlin, Take my Breath Away)" which were on wood board and very colorful.  Neko also had six pieces that were all painted on old Slayer record covers and two working guitars which were plastered in his signature US Mail stickers that he used to (and probably still does) slap up around the city.
The Persue highlight for me was the portrait of "Joey Ramone" holding a cat, obviously pictured above.  You can't get more my taste than that!  There was also a cute Japanese-styled piece called "Apocalypse Meow", done in Sharpie on vellum (where the hell he got vellum, I have no idea).  There were many rocker-inspired pieces by Persue as well as more Sharpie doodles, all really fun.
Despite my travel - induced haze, I was really impressed and actually moved by how good all of these pieces are.  It's great to see San Diego graff talent showcased in this way.
All the pieces will be displayed through April 26 at Subtext if you'd like to take a tour, please email, or go to their facebook page and send them a message.  Many of the pieces are very affordable, prices range from $120-$3600 so if you're looking for some new art, repeat steps above to go take a look.  As always, I have to give thanks to Subtext for putting on another amazing show and keeping a venue for San Dieo and other street art in town - we desperately need it.  Jetlag-inspired pics appear below. 

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