Sunday, March 17, 2013

Havok Mega is Back! Spectrumega Media and Drumz Clothing PresentDirty Birdy 4/6/13

And they got Cyber Optics!  Lo these 5 years in San Diego, we have sorely missed the presence of Havok in all his wacky glory (I call him Old Gasmask - those of you in the know will not need to question that) as he took a sabbatical in Austin, up a mountain and god knows where else.  Many tried to hold it down the way he did, but without Drums and Spectrumega, there was a palpable hole in our already ailing Socal DnB scene.  The prodigal party has returned, and I for one can't wait to see what Spectrumega has in store, as they're trying to go legit but still maintain that nasty UG vibe we all loved so well back in the day.   This will be momentous no matter what - do not miss if you're in SD this weekend.  Beatkillerz, featuring Old Gasmask himself, will of course be a highlight in addition to Cyber Optics.

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