Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chase & Status - Blind Faith: The Prettiest, Grimiest Track that Should Be on Your Ipod Right Now

I know this track is a little old, but I frankly don't care - it's definitely one that cannot be ignored on this page.  I actually didn't hear about this track until the end of 2012, in yoga class of all places.  Imagine my surprise in hearing a dubstep track from Chase & Status while doing star pose, but I instantly recognized the production and immediately ran home to Google (the yoga instructor, predictably, didn't know who it was), and confirmed my suspicions.  In the 90s and early 00s, Chase & Status were pretty big in the US, and I'd seen them play a handful of times in LA and New York, but recently I'm not sure if they fell off or I did but I'm very happy to see them re-emerge in my yoga class with this gorgeous track during a time of questionable mental health for me.  I really needed to hear it when I did, and it was quickly added to the lexicon of my favourite  songs of all time.  The females vocals and featured Liam Bailey are beautiful and haunting and C&S compliment them so well with their string sampling and somehow still hard & grimy dubstep beat.  It's possible that I haven't heard a dubstep track flow this seamlessly, ever (suck it, Skrillex).
It's nice to see that despite all the changes in music in the last 10 years, Chase & Status are still quietly producing amazing songs and I really hope they do a US tour very soon. 

Chase & Status Official Website

Chase & Status FB Page

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