Friday, March 22, 2013

How Did I Miss This? RAW and Delano at Timeless DnB Tonight, 3/22/13

Whoops!  I'm trying really hard not to be too SD-centric, but this week I guess I failed because I totally missed this event at which and old friend and a good friend will be laying it down pretty hard.  If you're in LA tonight and searching for something decent to do, look no farther.  LA DnB legend and icon, RAW/BBOY3000/6Blocc/whatever he's calling himself this week PLUS my buddy for a very long time, Delano, will both be there just killing it at Rain Nightclub in Studio City  Timeless DnB is a great organization as well, always working to keep the scene going and bringing you mega talent such as this on a regular basis.  Flyer and info below - now you have at least 2 great choices for world-class DnB tonight, whether you're in LA or SD. 

Timeless DnB Event Page 3/22

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