Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Track Review: Empress - Alien nation (GenR8 Remix)

If you're involved in the U.S. drum and bass scene on any level in the last 15 years and you haven't heard of Empress, I believe I'll need your pass back immediately.  Empress has been a major player in NYC since I can remember, my first recollections of her being one of the sickest female djs in the scene.  Infinitely cool while still being positive and fun, I can say she was a bit of an anomaly back then where "crew rivalries" and blacklisting were prevalent in New York.
Recently, as if she wasn't cool enough, Empress started singing with a backup band, and released a video for her song "Alien Nation".  Original video linked below.

The original track is more industrial and pretty amazing in its own right, but a new remix has just come out, done as DnB by Dj GenR8, and it's super-hot.  The integration of the lyrics make Empress' voice sound even more haunting and charged, and the guitar work is sampled in a way that doesn't allow the beat to overpower it (tricky business if you've ever had to do it).  Genr8 really does the original track justice in capturing and then speeding up and intensifying the sound.  Overall a great track and definitely worth a listen or download if you can find it on itunes.
 I know I've focused on the new track a lot, but Empress has also just posted a new podcast on Soundcloud that features this song and I can't understate how awesome it is as well.  Check it out - I know it will prove me right that Empress still drops a fierce set in the DnB room.

Links to Empress and GenR8 FB Pages:

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