Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Update/Reminder: Sacred Geometry at Basic in San Diego Tonight! 3/19/13

I had to do a little update on this because since my post about this event lauding Exist 1981, I overlooked the fact that Ali Bautista's work will also be there, and now she's been featured in CityBeat.  I love the piece they chose for the cover - so freaking creepy (pictured below).  There are 19 artists who are showing at this opening, so I'm sure there will be something there for everyone.  I also heard a rumor that Mr. Dvice, Dave Weitz, will also be putting in a cameo to support his fellow SD artists.  The event is from 6-10pm, so it's early enough that you can come on a Tuesday, and it's free.  Come on, how many mroe reasons do you need?  Come join us at Basic - I'll be there with my huge glass (they do more than ample pours) of some fabulous red wine, snapping pictures and harassing the talent to give me an interview.  Another big thank you as well to Thumbprint Gallery San Diego for coordinating this event.  See you there!

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