Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Rubik Records Living the Dream EP Vol. 4 Feat. Random Movement, Sinistarr, Calculon

Calculon is forever annoying me with Liquid.  That is to say, I am not generally a fan of mellow, chilled out Drum and Bass beats with pretty oversamples.  As is evidenced by most of the content in this blog, I'm happy to stay ensconced in my world of heavy, dark beats, helicopter basslines and glitched out drops.  However, since Calculon snuck onto the scene in 2005(?) and stared making mixes and playing in clubs, he always manages to get my attention with just that - chilled out beats and pretty oversamples.  It's rather irksome, but there you go - variety unwillingly introduced into Layla's grumpy DnB diet.  
This new EP, volume 4 of the Living the Dream series, just released on Caculon's label Rubik records, is no exception to that scenario I just described.  I don't want to like it, but dammit I do.  This will be the last EP in the Living the Dream series.  Why?  Because "Methodus just felt it was time for a new concept," says Calculon.  Methodus, another producer from Florida and admin of the famed who shares the running of the label with Calculon isn't featured on this EP, but I do trust the vision of these two, and if they were looking to make the last of the series a smasher, they did just that.  
There are 5 tracks on the EP:

1. Random Movement & Komatic - Accidental Causes
2. Pennygiles - Quiet Seas
3. RoyGreen & Protone - Back To Now
4. Calculon & Sinistarr - Rubenesque
5. Will Miles - Ring of Fire

Each has its own unique flavor while still being tuned down and danceable.  At this moment I'm partial to the Random Movement & Komatic track, as well as Calculon and Sinistarr's Rubenesque, but that could change.  They're all really well-produced but the Rubenesque track is especially interesting - a bit of a departure from your standard Liquid.  

The easiest way to get at these tracks and listen for yourself is Calculon's Bearport Artist Page.  There are samples of each track on the page and you can purchase for download.  Also releasing today is VIP Remixes featuring Calculon and Sinistarr again as well as Austin Speed, who is quickly becoming another of my favourites in the realm of chill, pseudo-experimental Drum and Bass.  Check them all out.



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