Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Portland Exclusive! Rubik Records' Calculon at Proper Movement 3/27 in PDX

One of my very best friends moved to Portland a few years ago, and since she's been there, she's told me about this weekly, Proper Movement.  They have a lot of great local talent and also as I've been follwoing their progress, have pulled a lot of big names to play. 
Next Wednesday they'll have another of my friends, a heavy hitter in spite of the current SoCal DNB climate, Calculon.  He's all over the board right now so I have a hard time nailing down exactly what his associations are currently, but I know no matter what he will bring a great set, with smooth Liquid sounds (I almost tnever like Liquid DnB but I'll listen to his), and som new experimental shit that there's no way you've heard before.  If you're in Portland, ditch the Best PDX Hiking Spots (Portlandia reference, anyone?) and jam out to Proper Movement.  Sounds like it'll be an epic time and I'm grumpy I don't get to go hang out with my people up there.  Love you Whits!  PS there's $3 Whieky drinks all night.  Now I'm really pissed. 


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