Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Bachelors of Science at Spin Nightclub

I want to start off by saying that Bachelors of Science's set at Spin was bloody phenomenal.  They definitely delivered and more than exceeded expectations.  Every track dropped was huge and rattled in the listener's chest.  Dare I say, it was emotional.  The boys were definitely feeling it as well, having a great time behind the decks and proud of all the bangers they were pulling out.  Also, as usual, Spin's sound system was amazing.  I love seeing the big wall of speakers at the side of the dance floor - ahhh that takes me back.  They're not Tonka, but damn close.  The set was made even more amazing by those beasts. 
The only unfortunate part of the evening was that the club was not as packed as it should have been.  I'm not sure if the event was under-promoted (I know I tried my best with my little cut-rate blog here and there was a decent notice from SleeperCell Music) or everyone was in LA or just stupidly asleep, but I was really bummed to see how many true heads missed this gorgeous set.  If you were there, you know I'm right.  I was dead tired too, but it was definitely worth it.  Also, if you saw my Twits going back and forth between myself and BOS and were expecting an interview, sorry but we missed each other 3am + a drunk reporter + drunk Bachelors of Science = Nodice.  The boys looked like they were having a great time though, as should all of you have.  Next time don't sleep, SD!

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